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 Advanced Cloud Engineering for Midsize Business,

Professional Audio Engineering & Recording,

Custom Electric Guitar Assemblies


Cloud Engineering using:
      • Microsoft Azure, O365
      • Amazon Web Services
      • Google Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Strategy & Financial Modeling
  • Cloud Architecture, Design & Operations
  • IoT/Intelligent Systems
  • IAAS/PAAS/DevOps
  • Microservices
  • Big Data
  • AI/ML/Cognitive Systems
  • Cloud CAD/CAE systems
  • AR/VR for Product Design Engineering

Audio Engineering, Recording & Custom Electric Guitar Assemblies:

  • Solo acoustic and electric guitar recordings
  • Professional mixing of pre-recorded instrumental and vocal audio
  • Custom Electric Guitar Kit Assemblies of replica models:
Les Paul (Two or Three Pickups)
ES-335, ES-175
BC Rich Mockingbird
Parker Fly
Double necked headless Bass & 6-string
Double necked 12 and 6 string
Headless Steinberger
Flying V 

CEO: Rajiv Mistry